Setting-up a business centre providing  functional areas and specific services for the development of the hosted companies.

Business Support and Development Center

Project description: the project includes the erection of building with a function of Business Support and Development Center providing the following facilities to the hosted companies:

-office spaces (about 5000 sqm);

-functional areas: 2 training rooms, 3 conference rooms, 1 room for business meetings;

-1 restaurant;

-access to broadband;

-improved energy efficiency, in order to reduce utilities costs;;

-easy access by the main road in the area, which is connected to national road 28 and to European road 85;

-parking for employees and clients of hosted companies, including parking for persons with disabilities.

Services offered:

-assistance in project idea development;

-assistance in Feasibility Study development, according to the legislation in force;

-market research development;

Grant application development, including: project activities development, financial economic and sensitivity and risk analysis, business plan development, risks management plan, procurement planning and development, additional documents;

-assistance during project evaluation and grant contracting period;

-project implementation and monitoring: assistance in carrying out procurement procedures, advice on costs monitoring, achievement of progress/final reports and payment/reimbursement requests, assistance in project management contracts, monitoring the project indicators, monitoring of regulatory compliance.

Total value: 35,471,043.86 Lei

Grant value: 19,155,219.09 Lei

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