Implementation of an intelligent control system of the electricity distribution network (ADMS) in a homogeneous area with mainly domestic consumers, in Suceava municipality, Suceava county.

Project description: implementation of a smart electricity metering system for 10,558 small domestic and non-domestic consumers in a homogeneous area in the municipality of Suceava, in order to reduce the average energy consumption at the residential level.

The project proposes:

-increasing by 10,558 the number of users connected to smart energy networks by installing and connecting to the network 10,558 smart meters;

-increasing the quality of the electricity distribution services of DELGAZ GRID S.A. following the implementation of ADMS (advanced distribution management system);

-implementation of a smart measurement system that will provide the necessary infrastructure to improve the management of electricity consumption at the level of homes in the target area;

-the estimated contribution to the POIM indicator of a decrease in individual consumption per dwelling of 0.02% at the level of the homogeneous area;

-rehabilitation of the low-voltage distribution network, by replacing 16,504.72 linear meters of cable in the homogeneous area, 8,429.58 linear meters of conductors and cable in the buffer zone, 553 pcs. Firide E, 776 pcs. FDCP, 380 pcs. BMPM and 62 pcs. BMPT;

-reducing the average annual energy consumption from 1.045MWh/dwelling in 2023 to 1.015MWh/dwelling in 2027 during the sustainability period of the project.

Services offered:

-performing financial analysis;

-assistance in developing the feasibility study;
-assistance during the evaluation and contracting period of the project, project management during the implementation period;

-support during the durability period.

Total value: 88,567,193.49 RON

Grant value: 60,745,775.56 RON

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