ELJ Automotive

Development of auto parts production capacity.

Project description: the project involves the implementation of modern production technologies, defined by increased production capacity, precision and high quality products and a high efficiency of the manufacturing process.

The main outcome indicators of the project are:

-acquisition of 41 performing technological equipment necessary for the manufacturing process of auto components;

-44 new jobs created by the end of the project implementation;

-increase the turnover of the company by 90% in 5 years after the investment completion;

-increase exports of the company by 100% in 5 years after the investment completion.

Services offered:

-development of the feasibility study, excepting the technical chapters;

-assistance in developing the technical chapters within the feasibility study;

-grant application development, including: analysis of market constraints and opportunities, economic and financial analysis, project activities development, procurement planning and development, additional documents;

-assistance during project evaluation and grant contracting;

-assistance during project implementation and monitoring: assistance in carrying out procurement procedures, advice on costs monitoring, achievement of progress/final reports and payment/reimbursement requests, assistance in project management contracts, monitoring the project indicators, monitoring of regulatory compliance.

Total value: 8,928,316.00 Euro

Grant value: 3,400,918.00 Euro

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