Project name: Implementing an advanced distribution management system (ADMS) and monitoring and optimizing energy consumption on a homogenous area of prevalent household consumers in the city of Pitesti

Project description: the project’s scope is to increase the electric energy distribution services’ quality of DEO SA, following the implementing of the distribution advanced management system (ADMS), by achieving a series of objectives related to installing and connecting smart metering devices, replacing the network of cables, conductors, electric niches, and other equipment.

Services rendered:

  • Expert assistance during the evaluation and grant contracting phases;
  • Identifying and defining project activities the risk management plan;
  • Identifying and planning of needed procurement processes;
  • Identifying the management team and developing the communication plan with the contracting authority and other stakeholders, and compiling support documents.

Investment value of the project: 88.540.990 RON

Grant value: 61.508.265 RON

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