Increased competitiveness of the company on linear guides market to increase export volumes.

Equipment modernization and manufacturing capacity expansion.

Project description: the acquisition of new equipment will allow expansion and modernization of manufacturing capacity of linear guides, in order to increase the efficiency and performance within the company.

Services offered:

-analysis of applicant and project’s eligibility;

-development of financing application, including: market research, cost-benefit analysis, defining and detailing the project activities, planning the procurement procedures according to the law in force, risk management plan, communication management plan – including with the Managing Authority and other stakeholders, supporting documents;

-assistance up to Financing Contract;

-monitoring the project: assistance in carrying out procurement procedures, consultancy in cost monitoring, drafting the progress reports/final report, drafting the reimbursement/payment applications, monitoring the execution of the contracts related to the project, monitoring the achievement of all project objectives and indicators, assistance in regulatory compliance.

Total value: 45,954,516.00 RON

Grant value: 17,579,725.00 RON

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