Fiterman Pharma

Project description:

Equipping the laboratories with equipment specific to the control departments to increase the analysis capacity and shorten the response time;
The purchase of equipment equipped with software capable of ensuring the automatic execution of all stages of a validation protocol of the analysis methods and allowing the audit trail, both on the instrument and on the data to ensure compliance with the regulations in force in the industry pharmaceutical;
Extending the possibility to carry out stability studies at different temperature and humidity conditions to facilitate the authorization of products in countries located in climatic zones other than zone II (25˚C, 60% humidity);
The acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment to facilitate the performance of analyzes with high accuracy and precision and the possibility of automatic recording of determinations for compliance with GMP requirements.

Services offered:

Assistance in the development of financing documentation and project management in the implementation stage.

Total amount: 2.283.325,59 Ron

Grant value: 959.380,50 Ron

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