Innovative technological project for the development of a group of AIM (ADVANCED INORGANIC MATERIALS) type materials

Project description: the general objective of the project is to diversify Gemite RO's activity by creating 4 new products that have not been created before in the company.

Through the project, a series of tangible and intangible assets and research consultancy services will be acquired with the aim of creating a range of new, innovative products. At this moment, there are no products on the market that will be obtained through the project, currently they are studied only in the academic environment and not properly exploited in the private, business environment. The materials obtained through AIM technology are formulated and produced from raw materials that are mostly waste.

The impact on the environment:

-AIM technology mainly uses available waste;

-the carbon footprint of AIM Technology is zero, i.e. it does not generate carbon dioxide with a greenhouse effect. - the production of materials requires a small amount of energy, which leads to lower costs than other materials with the same use, belonging to the competition;

-AIM technology offers products with better performances at lower costs;

-the AIM technology eliminates the specific components of polymer materials that have a reduced durability;

-AIM materials have 0% volatile organic products.

Services offered:

-project management during the implementation period;

Total value: 10.404.749,24 RON

Grant value: 6.794.495,32 RON

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