Modernization of Dumbrava Hotel


Improving tourism infrastructure in order to diversify tourism services and increase current accommodation capacity.


  • Technical documentation development, according to GD 28/2008: feasibility study, intervention works approval documentation, technical project;
  • Market research development for Dumbrava Hotel;
  • Grant application development, including: business plan, company’s development strategy, project activities development, cost-benefit analysis, risks management, additional documents.


The project involves modernization of Dumbrava hotel, located in Bacău city, by increasing accommodation capacity and services diversification, by:

  • Increasing the number of hotel rooms that are classified in the 3 stars category, from 76 currently to 96 after the project implementation;
  • Services improvement:
    • Ventilation equipment in all areas of the hotel;
    • Wireless internet access in all hotel rooms;
    • The construction of 2 new lifts for tourists and a new lift for the hotel staff, in order to avoid overcrowding and the intersection of customer with the hotel staff;
    • Security and video surveillance system;
    • New leisure facilities for tourists, including: a fitness room and sauna.

Total value: 2,310,992.50 Euro

Grant value: 1,043,614.52 Euro

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