Regional Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries

Setting-up a Regional Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries to support businesses in the creative industries area and to create new jobs. 

Project description: the project involves the building of a Regional Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries in Cluj-Napoca to support businesses in the creative industries. Hosted firms will have access to the following services:

-operational support services: reception; mail collection and delivery;  safety and security, CCTV monitoring system; broadband networking, IP voice and data (basic package); cleaning services (in the common areas); air conditioning system; current maintenance; maintenance tools and equipment; parking access.

-integrated solutions for businesses: promoting the incubated companies on the Center's web portal

-free assistance services (help-desk) in the following areas: consulting and IT services, legal, financial, investment policy, marketing and sales, general management.

Services offered:

-assistance in technical documentation achievement (feasibility study, technical design), in accordance with the legislation in force;

-development of financing application, including: defining and detailing the project activities, cost-benefit and economic-financial analysis, risk management plan, procurement procedures planning and achievement, project team description, communication plan with the contracting authority, additional documents.

-assistance during project evaluation and grant contracting phases.

Total value: 68,389,300.30 Lei

Grant value: 25,966,717.05 Lei

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