Development of Rompetrol's alternative fuel infrastructure on A1 highway at the RO - HU border.

Project description: The intention of Rompetrol is to develop the alternative fuels supply network by installing fast charging station (24 charging points) with a power of 300kW and the possibility of simultaneous charging in continuous current of 150kW in 12 gas stations situated along A1 motorway towards the Romanian - Hungarian border. The provision of grid connection with a minimum power capacity of 600kVA is necessary.

The overall objective of the present project is to promote Electric Vehicles use across Eastern Europe in creating a core backbone infrastructure on A1 motorway in Romania, and significantly contribute to the implementation of the European alternative fuel strategy.

Services offered:

-the provision of specialized assistance from the submission of the Financing Application, until the Beneficiary receives the notification regarding
approval of the Project;

-development of the financing application: identification and establishment of the project activities, cost-benefit analysis, risk management plan, identification and planning of purchases necessary to be carried out within the project, presentation of the project management team, supporting documents;

-assistance in the organization of public procurement procedures, according to the legislation in force and the requirements stipulated in the financing contract;

-eligibility report;

Total value: 3.187.558, 99 Eur

Grant value: 1.080.000 Eur

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