TEAM Centre of Business Support

Cluj-Napoca Municipality

Setting-up TEAM Centre (technology, evolution, entrepreneurship, micro-enterprise) in Cluj-Napoca metropolitan area in order to stimulate new jobs and sustainable development of the local business environment.


  • Assistance in technical documentation achievement (feasibility study, technical design), in accordance with the legislation in force;
  • Development of financing application, including: defining and detailing the project activities, cost-benefit and economic-financial analysis, risk management plan, procurement procedures planning and achievement, project team description, communication plan with the contracting authority, additional documents.
  • Assistance during project evaluation and grant contracting phases.


The project involves the building of a business support structures (TEAM Centre) that will host 13 companies and will facilitate the creation of at least 100 new jobs. The center will provide the following services for the hosted companies:

  • operational support services: reception; mail collection and delivery;  safety and security, CCTV monitoring system; broadband networking, IP voice and data (basic package); cleaning services (in the common areas); air conditioning system; current maintenance; maintenance tools and equipment; parking access.
  • integrated solutions for businesses: promoting the incubated companies on the Center's web portal
  • free assistance services (help-desk) in the following areas: consulting and IT services, legal, financial, investment policy, marketing and sales, general management.

Total value: 2,369,219.54 Euro

Grant value: 1,870,687.51 Euro

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