Project Name: Automatic packaging line of extruded aluminum profiles

Project description: the current project aims to:

  • increasing the competitiveness of Vimetco Extrusion, in the economic and sustainable perspective;
  • development on the national and international market, as a result of specific investments;
  • streamlining the production process by introducing an innovative process in Vimetco Extrusion that will lead to the increase of turnover and operational profit by 2024;
  • implementation of 'greener production processes'. Switching to a green process involves moving from a manual packaging line to an automatic one.

Services offered:

  • assistance in the elaboration of the feasibility study, in accordance with the legislation in force;
  • development of the financing application, which included: identification and establishment of project activities, cost-benefit analysis, risk management plan, identification and planning of the necessary acquisitions to be carried out within the project, presentation of the project management team, support documents;
  • specialized assistance during the evaluation of the project and the contracting of the grant.

Total value: 4.113.615 EURO

Grant amount: 1.999.778 EURO

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