Implementation of a system of intelligent monitoring of distribution in a homogeneous area of predominantly household electricity consumers.

Project description: implementation of an Intelligent Measurement System (SMI) for 10,016 small household and non-household consumers in a homogeneous urban area of Iasi, in order to reduce energy consumption at the level of housing.

The project proposes:

-increasing by 10,016 the number of users connected to smart power grids by installing and connecting to the grid approximately 10,000 smart meters;

-increasing the quality of electricity distribution services of SC Delgaz Grid S.A. as a result of the implementation of the MDM (metering data management) system, by generating predefined reports;

-rehabilitation of the low distribution network afferent to the homogeneous area of the proposed Project, by replacing 8,860 linear meters of cable and 1,837 niches.

-the calculated contribution at the level of the homogeneous zone of 0.14% to the POIM indicator, reducing the average consumption per dwelling from 1.603 Mwh/year in 2013 to 1.437Mwh/year in 2023

Services offered:

-carrying out financial analysis;

-assistance in the elaboration of the Feasibility Study;

-assistance during the evaluation and contracting period of the project, project management during the implementation period;

-assistance during the durability period.

Total value: 53.848.358,99 RON

Grant value: 22.738.919,63 RON

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