What makes us DIFFERENT

  • The only consulting company that covers the risk of financial corrections during the implementation of a project financed from non-reimbursable funds in Romania (professional malpractice insurance with Allianz)
  • 100% success rate of the applications submitted within the national financing programs
  • One-stop-shop services: personalized information, eligibility and opportunity analysis, planning, technical feasibility studies, market studies, cost-benefit analysis, business plans, consultancy for the preparation of applications for non-reimbursable funds, project management, technical design, legal support
  • Very good understanding of technical and financial aspects, costs and benefits in various fields of activity
  • Very good understanding of specific legislation
  • 360º vision on all stages of development of an investment financed from European funds: planning, application, evaluation, contracting, implementation, monitoring, audit


  • Understanding priorities and the timing of investments/projects
  • Supporting priorities in the public consultation phases (RO/EU level)
  • Screening - overview of potential opportunities
  • Regular news alerts and updates about opportunities
  • Support in structuring project solutions to match needs with opportunities
  • Assessment of eligibility and opportunity
  • Decision-making assistance - analysis of business/investment cases
Socio-economic studies
  • Opportunity studies
  • Diagnostic analysis
  • Market studies and strategies
  • Legislative studies
  • Socio-economic analyses, financial analyses, risk and sensitivity analyses, cost-benefit analyses
  • Masterplan prioritization and rescheduling of investments
Technical studies
  • Energy audits
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, according to GD 907/2016 with subsequent amendments and completions
  • Topographic studies, geo-technical studies, technical expertise, environmental impact studies, energy audit, solution studies
  • Technical execution documentations – technical design, execution details, specifications
Strategies and plans for business development
Strategies and plans for business development
  • Energy
  • Industry

Project management

Project management services cover all project phases, from project idea development to auditing the operational performance indicators. Our experience in consulting assignments on potential beneficiaries’ training, assessment, monitoring and control of projects already implemented or under implementation offers the advantage of a feasible and realistic development of complex projects.
Development of financing application
  • Preparation of the financing file (including feasibility studies, market analysis, financial analysis, business plans, etc.)
  • Coordination of all stakeholders involved
  • Assistance during the evaluation and contracting phases
  • Cost-benefit analyses
Implementation of the financing application
  • Assistance and training of the internal project team (including workshops, institutional assistance, etc.)
  • Implementation and monitoring support (including procurement, reporting, payment, notifications)

Support Start-ups

Through the expertise of our own team of consultants, collaborators and partners of RELIANS, we organized the following:
- entrepreneurial training courses for future entrepreneurs
- pitch-ing sessions to find the best business ideas to be funded
- coaching and mentoring for people selected to be funded
- financing 35 business ideas and providing consultancy in maintaining the business
Recruitment and selection of STARTUPS
Entrepreneurial training and financial education
Funding, mentoring and consulting
Matchmaking with large domestic companies or multinational companies
Relians 2024
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