Increasing energy efficiency of cement manufacturing process by implementing new systems of reducing energy consumption.

Project description: the overall objective of the project was to increase energy efficiency of the company by modernizing the cement manufacturing process within Hoghiz work site. The innovation of the technological flow will be achieved through acquisition of equipments (best available technologies) allowing conversion of heat from burnt gas into electricity. General benefits are:

-annual energy savings of 31%, at the same level of production and the same number of operating hours;

-reduction of 3.233 kW of the electrical power absorbed in the public electricity system;

-reduction of greenhouse gas emission by 45%;

-annual savings achieved of LEI 4,226,965.55/year (without VAT) with energy costs, taking into consideration the operation period of the furnace - 10 months/year. 

Services offered:

-assistance in developing the energetical audit;

-assistance in developing the Feasibility Study, according to the legislation in force;

-grant application development, including: project activities development, cost-benefit analysis, risks management plan, procurement planning, project management team description, additional documents.

-assistance during project evaluation and grant contracting period. 

Total value: 22,044,744.96 Euro

Grant value: 7,739,585.39 Euro

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