Energy consumption monitoring system.

Project description: reducing energy consumption by implementing a system for monitoring energy consumption.

Services offered:

-analysis of the applicant's eligibility and project idea;

-specialized assistance during the evaluation of the project and the contracting of the grant;

-development of the financing application, including: elaboration of the market analysis and identification of the existing opportunities on the market, economic and financial analysis, identification and development of the project activities, identification and planning of the necessary procurements, risk management plan, communication management plan with the contracting authority and other stakeholders, annexed documents;

-project execution and monitoring: assistance in carrying out the procurement procedures, consultancy in monitoring costs, implementation of progress reports / final report, realization of payment requests and reimbursement, assistance in the management of contracts concluded within the project, monitoring of proposed indicators, monitoring compliance with the legal framework.

Total value: 1.127.696,90 RON

Grant value: 1.127.696,90 RON

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