• Financing solutions for business development
  • Over 300 projects implemented with RELIANS assistance
  • Over 1000 granted projects

  • 22 years of experience in grant project management

  • Over 2 billion Euro amount of granted projects
  • 100% success ratio of the managed projects
Relians is a consulting company specialized in managing investments achieved with refundable and non-refundable financing solutions.


Energy and energy infrastructure

Renewable energy production infrastructure
Energy transmission and distribution infrastructure
Digital solutions in energy infrastructure


Increase and diversification of production capacities
Energy efficiency in industry
The digital transformation of companies


Recruitment and selection of startups
Entrepreneurial training and financial education
Funding, mentoring and consulting
Relians is the only consulting company that can take over the risk of financial corrections in implementation with a professional malpractice insurance.


Expansion of manufacturing capacity for automotive components

STABILUS ROMÂNIA SRL Increasing competitiveness of the company in the market by developing manufacturing capacity […]

Increasing company's production capacity

SMIRODAVA SA Development of manufacturing capacity and improvement of products parameters to increase productivity and […]

Increased competitiveness by optimizing the process flow

EMS-ELECTRA SRL Increased competitiveness within the company (turnover and labour productivity) by optimizing the technological […]
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