Modernizing gas distribution network

E.ON Gaz Distribuţie SA

Upgrading the medium and low pressure (pipes and connections) that will increase energy supply security.


  • Assistance in Feasibility Study development, according to the legislation in force;
  • Grant application development, including: project activities development, cost-benefit analysis, risks management plan, procurement planning, description of project management team, management plan with the contracting authority and other stakeholders, additional documents;
  • Assistance during project evaluation and grant contracting periods;
  • Assistance during project implementation and monitoring: assistance in carrying out procurement procedures, advice on costs monitoring, achievement of progress/final reports and payment/reimbursement requests, assistance in project management contracts, monitoring of project indicators, monitoring of regulatory compliance.


The project objective is to improve the operating parameters of the distribution network in Cluj-Napoca as a result of modernization of medium and low pressure network (pipes and connections). The main result indicators of the project are:

  • 63,115 meters of natural gas supply network upgraded;
  • 18,513 meters of household natural gas connections that are upgraded;
  • 3,124 mounted control stations.

Total value: 12,533,471.10 Euro

Grant value: 3,772,463.30 Euro

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